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Help & Information - Bid

Here are a few basic steps to get you started:

1. Find an item
Search by typing in a keyword for an item you're interested in, or browse through our categories.

2. Learn about the item you found
Read the item description carefully, and look at the pictures the seller has included. If you have any questions about the item that aren't answered in the item's description, you can ask the seller about the item by clicking on the 'Ask Seller a Question' link. Carefully reading all the information and asking informative questions will help you determine if this is the item you want!

3. Review the seller's feedback
You can see the seller's feedback score and percentage of positive feedback right on the item page. Also, be sure and read the comments left by the seller's previous buyers to be sure that this is a seller you feel you can trust.

4. Bid or Buy It Now
Once you've found the item you want, you can place a bid or purchase the item instantly using Buy It Now. Some items are sold only in auction-style listings that require you to place a bid, while others include the Buy It Now option. This allows you to buy the item instantly. Check the item page to see what purchase options are available to you.

5. Pay for the item
After you've won or purchased the item, send your payment to the seller. Just check the seller's listing or email invoice to find out what the preferred payment method is and where you should send your payment.

6. Leave feedback
Here's your chance to tell the community about your experience with this seller. You can leave feedback for any eBay member you've bought from or sold to.

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